When the owners of Mandala Infusion approached me to create their art for Halloween, it was almost instantly that the idea of Day of The Dead was born. Mandala Infusion is a gourmet restaurant that fusion Latin and Tibetan cuisine that shares a passion for organic food and local culture.

The restaurant philosophy has a lot of influence from the Buddhist practices and a lot of interesting commodities.

Although Halloween is not the same as Dia de los Muertos, they share similarities about supernatural manifestation from another realm.  In Post-Colonial ages, the Mesoamerican culture tended to celebrate Death as a harvest celebration, that eventually turned into Day of the Dead with the arrival of Spanish colonialism, and Catholic church’s sway.

Today, these celebrations are getting mixed into a celebration where the all these supernatural manifestations are celebrated in a single day, spite the perceptual view on the topic, and how it’s celebrated around the world.

Located in North Boulder, Co., a state known for being a melting pot of culture. The idea of implementing DoD event was perfect. Celebrate the dead.


After drawing a couple of extra concepts, it was when Lady of the Dead appeared when the image was settled. Non of the previous works would have worked, neither represented the idea of the event, until this one.


The final result included a 24x36inch poster in a Art Noveau Style art illustration representing Lady of the Dead. Whoever, as part of the campaing, a GIF was created create reach on social media sites as Facebook and Instagram.


As an extra request, I created a Black and White version of the original.

DoD -  PosterPrintReady - GrayScale.jpg