murs-bannerIt turns out that there are still creative ways to raise awareness these days. Murs stepped up to in name of arts and broke a World Record Guinness for the longest rap marathon in a live-stream session in an attempt to make justice happen.

Co-sponsored by Boost Mobile and Slacker Radio, the well-known MC from LA has re-arranged the vocabulary free-styling in a 24 Hours session of pure craftsmanship between lyrics from his own repertory to classics from ‘A Tribe Called Quest’ to Jay-Z. By taking 5-minute breaks between every hour for personal and technical checks, the artists managed to endure the whole session in good shape.

#BarsforDays is a perfect example of how companies can still be relevant to society with a touch of cool. Check the video bellow and watch part of the stunt.

World Record & 24hrs of Rhythm and Poetry